About Ekko's Journey

Ekko is India’s first cult audio wearable brand with an affordable and high-quality range of headphones, earbuds, neck bands, earphones & more. With the market flooding with plenty of players selling audio wearable of any and every quality, there has been a major lapse in the listening health of consumer. Ekko has consciously designed audio devices for various purposes, as well as grievances – someone prefers sound-proof listening, while someone needs an extremely compact listening device. There’s an option for everyone with Ekko’s audio range of True Wireless Stereo, Headphones, Neckbands & more. Purely Indian by passion, Ekko has the vision to connect with musicophiles seeking audio wearable for immersive listening.

Design Story


Our design carries the bond of 90s music scenario, where music was carried out in the free spirits of cassettes, tape recorders, Walkman, and all things retro!