Song. OK. Please

Song. OK. Please – The musical vibe for every muse, imagination and conversation has been exclusively designed and manufactured for your ears to never take a break. Pique your sound senses with Song. OK. Please range of Ekko Earbeats, Ekko Skull & Ekko Unplug, warmly packed in a brand new White & Tuchsia Sound Box.

Premium Sound Box

A combination of Class & Minimalism in few collections, and Funk & Drama in some, the Premium Sound Box range is for the Bravehearts, Bold Minds, Creators and Artists. The Black box of Ekko will stun you with sound that beats that literally puts you on a LIVE stage of music and conversations. .

Ekko Skull

Never catch a break from great music, and a greater time with yourself. Oh yes, Ekko Skull now comes with the hypnotic listening technology designed in high range drivers allowing your ears to discover music, beyond metaverse 24x7.

Ekko Unplug

Thinking of going the corporate way – Ekko Unplug is the answer! Virtual Connects, e-meets, webinars and the entire meta universe is now carried out with our super-sleek Unplug collection. Making long conversations or workouts will now get less painstaking with the sweatproof shields and the one-nudge voice assistant!

Ekko Earbeats

The sound of music is heard best when nothing else matters, isn’t it? These little Ekko Earbeats has the sound quality so clear with Bluetooth 5.0 version that everything else is on mute, except the sound in your ears. Try the workout cum playback time or work cum don’t-want-to-hear-the-guy-next-door mood, we pinkie swear, you’d fall in love with your Earbeats!